Class Room

The classrooms are spacious with a seating capacity of more than 50 teacher trainees. Each classroom is well ventilated with sufficient natural light. Sufficient number of tube lights and fans are provided in the classroom. Benches in the classroom are adult sized and in use since 2007, are comfortable to sit for more than 6 hours in the classroom. In some classroom there are portable LCD projectors. This is a unique feature of these classrooms. All the facilities in the classroom help to keep the environment conducive for learning.

Separate rooms for one to one interaction and guidance are made available to the professors and teacher trainees. Group activities such as micro teaching lessons, integrated lessons, simulation lessons, content cum methodology workshops, guidance for practice lessons and many other curricular and co-curricular activities such as social work, practice for cultural programs are conducted in these guidance rooms. These rooms provide for individual attention, motivation, guidance and counseling to the teacher trainees from time to time.

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